“Know This Before Buying Solar Panels”

It seems to me that solar energy is currently sustainable energy’s golden child; frankly, I see no any reason why it wouldn’t. There’s a star in our solar system that produces free energy year round millions of miles away (just for us, awwwh how sweet), and all we need to do is figure out how to harvest a small portion of the 12.2 trillion watt-hours of energy that it can give to us everyday.solar-panels

I really wish that was all I needed to say to get you to invoke the thought, “Yeah, I need to get some solar panels.” But obviously, there are a ton of factors you should be concerned about before hopping trains, and I’m very very very glad you didn’t immediately make the jump because it means you’re thinking about those things (or I’m just going too fast). Unfortunately, solar panels are just not the most popular method of energy production (yet), despite the staggering amount of positive attention that surrounds them. A majority of the issues amounting to that effect are financial and together present very valid concern. However, a simple google search will reveal a lot on the matter. In particular, there seem to be a lot of information lingering in company blogs about ‘the myths of solar energy’ or ‘5 things you should know about going solar.’ All in good intention and mostly informative. But most of the information they give is distilled into material that they use to market their own solar products without going into the depth of the matter; making the direct sources harder to get to. So let’s critique the content of two solar energy blogs :


I think this PureEnergies blog does a decent job addressing a few of the worries and counterclaims that surrounds going solar. Let’s list a few of the noteworthy items that the PureEnergies blog highlights:

  • You save A LOT (after breaking even of course)
  • The solar industry is GROWING
  • Panels are EASY to install
  • Zero cost leasing options for solar panels


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